How to edit a campaign

Follow this quick 5-step guide to find out how to edit a campaign in the Referanza platform.

Step 1 - Log in
First, log into the platform at

Step 2 - Click edit campaign
The first page you get to is the campaign overview. From there, hoover over the campaign you want to edit and click the "..." to the right. Select "Edit campaign".

Step 3 - Edit content
You are now at the campaign setup where you will be able to edit all content. In the left panel you see all the different subpages, such as "SMS Template". Go through all pages and add your copy, images and colors. 

Remember to click "Save" after editing a page! Then the mobile preview to the right will be updated as well.

Step 4 - Send Demo
When you have updated the content on all pages, you can send yourself a demo to see how it will look when activated. Just enter your phone number and click "Send".

Step 5 - Activate
When you're happy with your campaign, it's time to activate it. If you're on Campaign Setup, go to "Send demo" and click "Activate". If you're on Campaign Overview, find your campaign in the list and click "...", then "Activate".

Super! Your campaign is now ready to send to your customers ✅.

Go here to find out how to upload your contact list.

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