How to create a campaign

Follow this quick 5-step guide to find out how to create a campaign in the Referanza platform.

Step 1 - Log in

First, log into the platform at

Step 2 - New campaign
The first page you get to is the campaign overview. In the left panel you see an orange button. Press "New Campaign".

Step 3 - Choose campaign type
You can choose from three different kinds of campaigns - Simple NPS campaign; Rating, Reviews and Recommendation or Mobile first referral campaign. Hoover over the campaign type of your choice and click "Create".

Step 4 - Choose channel and language
Depending on which campaign type you chose, decide between SMS or Email as your sendout channel. Then select the copy language for you campaign. Press "Next".

Step 5 - Naming your campaign
Choose a name for your campaign, preferably something related to your event or product. Press "New campaign".

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Go here for a quick guide on how to edit the content in your campaign.

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