How to upload a contact list

Follow this quick 6-step guide to learn how to upload a contact list!

Step 1 
Start by logging into the Referanza platform and choose your campaign by clicking the campaign name.

Step 2
From the Dashboard, go to "Manage Contacts" and then "Upload Contacts". 

Step 3
Press "Browse" or just drag and drop your Contacts List. Make sure it's either a csv- or xlsx file. You can also add your contact information directly to the text field.

Step 4
Upload your Contact List and click "Next".

If you want to know how to structure your list, click here.

Example Customer List

Step 5
Check that your header titles are correct and that "My file has headers is activated". Press "Save & Continue".

Step 6
Group your contacts if you want to do send-outs on different times, by checking the box "date and time". If not, leave the box unchecked and click "Group Contacts".

Grouping contacts

Hurray, your done!  😀

If you want to know how to schedule your contact list, click here.

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